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Tourist information

Dishes of the sea building

  • Yura Beach, Surrounding Area(Within 10 minutes on foot)

    • Hakurei brewery(stock)
      I am making sake of good refreshingness and soft purity.Sake brewed rice as a raw material does not use scrape rice or foreign rice production at all, and uses the whole amount of domestic rice.You can also taste sake made by Hakui Sake.7 minutes on foot from Tango-Yura Station
    • Orange garden
      Tango Fuji the summit of 640 m above sea level called Tango Fuji, the view of the Sea of ​​Japan is a magnificent view overlooking the Echizen Beach the distance.
      the foot of mountain of the the foot of mountain popular Yura Orange Orchard spread, in autumn it is crowded with customers of "oranges picking".
      It is an easy hiking course of 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • Miyazu City (about 30 minutes by car, about 15 minutes by train)

    • Amanohashidate
      The Amanohashidate is counted in the three major Japanese scenery changes its expression through the four seasons, and it seems to be very beautiful in everyone's memories.
    • Watch Kan
      It is an aquarium in Kansai Electric, Miyazu Energy Research Institute.
      About 130 kinds of fish are welcoming aquarium.Among them, the large aquarium allows you to see the fish in InshoreTango the eyes and entertains visitors.
    • Miyazu ocean fishing spot
      A sea fishing park like a big raft near the Tango Watch-kan.You can aim for Chinu etc.There are rod rental and bait.Please enjoy the real thrill of big fishing.
  • Maizuru City (about 40 minutes by car and about 20 minutes by train)

    • Maizuru Repatriation Memorial Hall
      Showa (time period) October 7 days of Repatriation first ship indeed 13 years from the entry into port of the Repatriation first ship to the last ship of Showa (time period) September 7, permanent that the footprints played a mission to the end as the town of withdrawal, the misery of war It was built as a "symbol" of peace that we will hand down to.
    • Maizuru Brick Park
      Higashimaizuru is a town where romantic drifting warehouses with red bricks stand.Many buildings were built in the Taisho (time period) period since the Former Navy Maizuru Navy base Was established in Meiji 34, bringing another attraction of Maizuru.
      Some warehouses are lit up at night, and you can see fantastic and romantic light scenery.

      Opening hours, 9: 00-17: 00, Admission fee 300 yen ℡ 0773 - 66 - 1095
      Monday, The next day off on holidays
    • Maizuru Port Toretore Centre
      You can purchase fresh seafood deep-fried in Maizuru Bay.

      Opening Hours: 9: 00-18: 00, Regular holiday: Every Wednesday
  • Mt Yuragatake

    Seishin, 640 m, ,, Eastern peak, 585 m
    From the mountain entrance, it will arrive at the summit in about 1 hour.
    From Nishiumen, you can see Amanohashidate under the eyes and you can see the Maizuru direction from the east peak.
    In the coming season, mountain flowers bloom in beautiful colors, which is ideal for light climbing.
    After climbing, Shiokumien return to the Shiokumien, sweat in an open-air bath overlooking the Sea of ​​Japan, relax with local cuisine with fresh seafood.
  • Miyazu City, Nariaiji Temple

    Nariaiji Temple of Saigoku two Hobbyhorse Fudasho is located in close formation Aiyama of hillside in Amanohashidate of the three most scenic spots in Japan are known in legend, such as "stick without the bell," "scapegoat Kannon".

    339, Nariaiji, Miyazu City, Kyoto Prefecture