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  • lobby

  • A beautiful Sea of ​​Japan can be hoped, from a Japanese room 18 square meters to 21 square meters

  • A beautiful Sea of ​​Japan can be expected, from 10 square meters in Japanese-style room to 16 square meters

  • Kaigetsuroh, Big Hall

    It is a 54-m² saloon.
    Up to 50 banquets are possible in this hall!
    50 people
    54 square meters

Number of rooms

Total number of rooms 15:Japanese Style Room 15 rooms

Standard room facilities

All rooms Air-conditioning / Television


Hand towel / toothbrush·Toothpaste / bath towel / shampoo / rinse / body soap / soap / yukata

Facility content

Banquet Hall

Credit cards available locally

Payment of credit cards can not be done on site.

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